The Black DaVinci Clownfish is Pretty Awesome
Recently Announced, the ORA Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish
Tridacna ningaloo Possibly Bred in Captivity for First Time Ever
The Maxspect Gyre is Officially Available to the Masses
New Aurora Hybrid LED/T5 System on the Way from Giesemann

Tip of the Day 9/2/2015 – Cleaning the Protein Skimmer and Doing Automatic Water Changes


Cleaning your skimmer neck regularly is a simple, yet important task which will help to ensure optimal performance of your protein skimmer. We recommend one of the following methods depending on your skimmer’s design: A manual collection cup can be a little Continue reading

IceCap RODI System 101 Video: Installation and Setup


CoralVue has produced a simple and easy to understand video explaining everything you would want to know about the new IceCap Smart RODI system.  The Smart RODI system comes equipped with many unique features not found on other RODI systems. Continue reading

Featured Coral of the Week 8/24/2015 – Acropora millepora

Unique Corals Indo Pink Acropora millepora

This beautiful farm raised Acropora millepora originated as Bali Wild Colony. In Captivity for over a year at the Unique Corals facility in California, the Indo Pink Acro is a beautiful example of how many different colors we see in Continue reading

Innovative Marine Reef Rack

Reef Rack 50

  Innovative Marine has announced the release of a new simple yet versatile addition to their Auqa Gadget line of aquarium products. The Innovative Marine Reef Rack, debuting late September 2015, is a cleanly designed, multi-tiered frag rack system featuring sliding (removable) Continue reading

The New Ecotech Marine Vectra Pump Packs a Boat Load of Features


  The new Ecotech Marine Vectra Pumps are attracting a lot of attention in the aquarium world recently.  This article is devoted to the new and innovative features that Ecotech Marine has packed into it’s new DC controllable pump platform. Continue reading