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Innovative Marine Adds Two Smaller Tanks to the Fusion Lineup

Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Gallon Livestock

Innovative Marine is living up to their namesake this week with the announcement of the most well-equipped all-in-one nano aquariums on the market. They are bolstering their Nuvo Fusion lineup, going a little smaller to target those hobbyists who enjoy a Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon

There is something that is just so alluring about sea dragons. Although they aren’t too different from seahorses, usually moving in the same slow and methodical fashion while they cruise around the aquarium, they are far more elaborate in their Continue reading

With LRS Foods, Hand Feeding Fish is a Plausible Option [Video]

LRS Reef Frenzy

Admit it. You’ve tried (and failed) to feed your fish by hand more times than you would care to admit. Everyone does it at some point, but not every aquarist is successful in forming a special bond with their fish. Continue reading