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Captive Bred Masked Angelfish Announced at MACNA

Female Masked Angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) - Waikiki Aquarium

No words to speak. We dropped our jaws, and so will you. WATCH THIS VIDEO! With the help of Larry’s Reef Food, Karen Brittain has been able to breed the masked angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) in captivity. We can’t find the Continue reading

AquaIllumination Unleashes Their New Prime WiFi LED Fixture at MACNA

AquaIllumination Prime LED Fixture

Here is one of the biggest announcements coming out of MACNA 2014. AquaIllumination has introduced as all to their brand spanking new Prime LED fixture. This new fixture is AI’s first WiFi capable light, allowing users to bypass the Controller Continue reading

Fluval’s Evo 5 is the Cutest Lil’ All-in-One Nano at MACNA

Fluval SEA Evo 5

Big things come in small packages, and Fluval’s new Evo 5 aquarium is certainly looking to prove that point. Coming in at a whopping 5 gallons, this new Evo aquarium is actually an all-in-one unit, meaning that the lights and Continue reading

Innovative Marine Introduces New 18watt SKKYE Light for Fusion Nanos

SKKYE Light 18 watt LED Clamp

Innovative Marine is adding new lights to their already vast array of aquarium equipment, this time aiming specifically at the recently released Nuvo Fusion Nano aquariums. Building off the IM Skkye LED fixture that has been around since the dawn of the Continue reading

CARB FX Resinator Chamber from Blue Life USA is a New Take on Media Reactors

Blue Life USA CARB Fx Resinator

Please tell me I’m not the only one who hears Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice when you say the name of the CARB Fx Resinator…emphasis on the Resinator, of course. Maybe I’m just going a little crazy. Anyways, Blue Life USA has Continue reading

LAQUAtwin Water Quality Meters Could Be a Game Changer for Testing Water Parameters

LAQUAtwin Water Quality Meters in Case

One of the more interesting products we have come across at MACNA 2014 thus far is the new line of LAQUAtwin compact digital testers from Horiba Scientific. These interesting little handheld meters are available in seven different models that measure Continue reading

Neptune Systems Unveils Beefy Dosing System

Neptune Systems Dosing Pumps

Neptune Systems is conquering the aquarium controller accessory world yet again. Here at MACNA 2014, they are introducing their new DOS system, which consists of a pair of dosing pumps and a dual chamber reservoir to hold all of your Continue reading

ReefBreeders LED Debuts Carbon Fiber Wrapped SuperNova LED

SuperNova Sizes

The new products are rolling out of MACNA in a hurry. The first up on our list is the new SuperNova LED from Reef Breeders. The fixture sports a really sleek carbon fiber housing that lets the rather large fixture Continue reading