Welcome to the AquaNerd Community,

The AquaNerd community is a grouping of websites that was established in May 2009 with the intent to bring the reader accurate and up-to-date information regarding saltwater aquariums, reef aquariums, aquarium equipment, saltwater livestock, insider knowledge concerning new product releases, rare livestock sightings, and so much more. The delivery of this information is accomplished by daily updates on the AquaNerd Blog as well as aquarium hobbyist interactions on the AquaNerd Forums.

We can confidently discuss the previously mentioned topics due to the formal education and years of experience of our writers. Brandon Klaus, the owner, founder, and primary author of AquaNerd, received his Bachelor of Science degree in marine biology from Texas A&M University and has been keeping saltwater aquariums for several years. Additionally, Brandon has previously worked for public aquariums and local fish stores and has been a board member for his local reef aquarium club Marine Aquarium and Reef Society of Houston. Both past and future authors will have similar backgrounds.

AquaNerd’s advertising prices are extremely affordable. Additionally, we don’t make you sign a lengthy contract. Every advertising plan is based on the month-to-month needs of the advertiser, not the needs of AquaNerd. The advertising goal for the AquaNerd Blog is not to make a profit like most other sites, but to simply cover the operating costs, bring in new readers, and perhaps make updates to the site. The more efficiently we can run, the better we serve our target audience. For additional pricing details, please send an email inquiry to:

Why Choose AquaNerd?
AquaNerd isn’t just a site that rarely gets updated and rarely gets any traffic. Instead, information is added to the site on a regular basis. The site is updated daily via our Tip of the Day, which brings helpful tips to both beginning aquarium keepers and advanced aquarists. In addition to that, AquaNerd posts a Picture of the Week to give aquarium keepers a look at a fish or coral that they’ve perhaps never seen. Recently, the AquaNerd community has introduced its very own Tank of the Month Contest in which aquarium keepers can submit picture of their tanks to be voted on as the most impressive for that particular month. The winner of the Tank of the Month contest will receive a gift card or other donation from one of AquaNerd’s Sponsors.

The importance of our regular updates is to keep the website from becoming boring and static. In addition to keeping the blog fresh, the regular updates help bring traffic to the AquaNerd blog. This daily traffic will not only help AquaNerd grow as a community, but it will also help advertisers boost revenue and name recognition by increasing their exposure to their target audience.

Aside from our regularly scheduled daily and weekly updates, the AquaNerd staff posts other articles very frequently. It is not unusual to have three or four new articles, aside from the daily and weekly updates, posted in a single day. Additionally, each article is written with a few goals in mind. The first goal to be achieved is to provide accurate and useful information to the AquaNerd community. Authors research their material prior to posting and provide readers with a list of utilized sources for that information. The writers also try to find “insider information” on new products or rare and unusual livestock showing up from wholesalers and breeders, both of which AquaNerd readers seem to thoroughly enjoy. Secondly, our focus is readability of the article. As authors, we know how irritating it is to have misspelled words and awkward phrases plaguing an article. To some people it does not really matter. To others, poor grammar can ruin the entire experience, and we try to prevent that.

The last major goal of our writing style, and the most important to advertisers, is the use of keywords and phrases with the focus being on “Search Engine Optimization”. We write our articles that draw in visitors and get hits on search engines. We utilize various computer programs to help us pick out appropriate keywords so that our articles get favorable scores with search engines like Google and Yahoo. This technique brings visitors to our blog where they can see your advertisement. Our site is further promoted through the use of website directories, social bookmarks and other media for website promotion. We use RSS and Atom feeds, and every new post is sent directly to Digg, Technorati, Del.ici.ous, Facebook, Twitter, and several more to attract new visitors and exposure from other online communities.

Is AquaNerd Stable?
This is a question that often gets overlooked, but is extremely important to advertisers and dedicated readers alike. People enjoy consistency, and we understand that. To help bring readers and advertisers maximum exposure, AquaNerd has a dedicated software engineer on standby to fix any issues that may arise. Additionally, AquaNerd is hosted on fast, reliable serves and computer maintenance technicians are constantly available. We know that a portion of your business will depend on our reliability, and we promise to deliver.

Advertising Options

AquaNerd offers multiple methods of advertising:

  • Product Reviews – If you have a product that you would like to have reviewed, simply contact us at or for more information. A product review can bring you any number of advertising options. If you would like your product back at the end of the testing and reviewing, just let us know and we’ll gladly ship the item back to you.
Don’t have a product to review or would you like to buy ad space instead? Below is a list of ads with “standard” sizes that we offer. The sizes are general guidelines, but we can easily accommodate to other shape and size ads. Prices do vary, so please email us for more details.
  • 160×160 Block Ad – Located on the right-hand side home page
  • 470×60 Banner Ad – Located at the bottom or the top of the home page, and potentially at the end of blog articles.
  • 160×600 Skyscraper Ad – Located on the left-hand side of the home page, and potentially on individual article pages.
  • Forum Advertisement – get your very own forum and banner ads on the AquaNerd Forums.
If you are interested in advertising with AquaNerd, please email us at or and we will gladly send you our pricing agreement and payment details. We are very advertiser friendly and will provide you with the options you desire.