CoralVue Resurrects IceCap Brand, Becomes US Distributor for Giesemann

CoralVue Lighting & Aquarium Products

CoralVue has some exciting news for us today. According to a just released press statement, the Louisiana based aquarium equipment distributor has secured sole rights to the Giesemann GmbH brand. They will become the lone distributor for the entire Giesemann Continue reading

Giesemann Packs Robust Control Features Into New Matrix-II DIMTEC T5HO Fixtures


Giesemann is one of the few companies out there that isn’t abandoning the tried and true T5HO technology, and in fact, they are still making groundbreaking strides that keep it totally relevant in a time dominated by LED light fixtures. Continue reading

Eshopps Adding Some Style to Refugium Lighting

Eshopps Refugium Light

Many marine aquarists illuminate their refugia with the most basic of lighting systems. These usually consist of an aluminum shop light and a compact fluorescent bulb, which isn’t exactly the most visually appealing arrangement. Eshopps is looking to change all Continue reading

Innovative Marine Adds CustomCaddy Media Basket for the NUVO Fusion Aquariums

Innovative Marine CustomCaddy 40 Fusion

Although the NUVO Fusion aquariums have only just become available, Innovative Marine is already rolling out upgrades over the stock gear. Announced just yesterday via Facebook, the all-in-one aquariums will now benefit from the latest AUQA Gadget, the CustomCaddy Fusion Continue reading

Premium Aquatics Giving Away Reef Octopus Prime Skimmer

Premium Aquatics Reef Octopus Prime Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a little free aquarium equipment? Well, we certainly do, and that’s why we are sharing this latest giveaway from Premium Aquatics. With the help of social media, the online aquarium equipment retailer is generously giving away a Continue reading

Reef Octopus Debuts Regal Red DC Powered Skimmer Line

Reef Octopus Regal Skimmer Line

Reef Octopus is breaking out the DC skimmer pumps once again in this new protein skimmer release. Called the Regal Skimmers, this line of foam fractionators looks quite similar to the Super Reef Octopus Space Saving skimmers of recent memory, Continue reading

Reef Breeders Shows Off New Nano-Lite

Reef Breeders Nano-Lite

For illuminating nano aquariums, there’s a new kid on the block. Reef Breeders recently announced their Nano-Lite, a tiny little phablet sized LED fixture that can lite up an 18″ footprint without issue. Featuring two dimmable channels that are controlled Continue reading

When a Clam Gets Too Big for the Aquarium

Lesd Derasa Clam

People go to great lengths for their pets. We’ve all seen the crazy cat ladies and overly ecstatic dog lovers, but aquarists can also take their love for a pet to the extreme. Case in point, the aquarist who shared Continue reading

EcoTech Marine Shows Off ReefLink’s VorTech Control [Video]

ReefLink Live Display Kelvin

When EcoTech Marine debuted their ReefLink wireless control hardware, Radion users rejoiced. Finally, after months and months of waiting patiently, they had full wireless control of their LED lights. But that wasn’t the only thing ReefLink was bringing to the Continue reading