Innovative Marine Adds Two Smaller Tanks to the Fusion Lineup

Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Gallon Livestock

Innovative Marine is living up to their namesake this week with the announcementĀ of the most well-equipped all-in-one nano aquariums on the market. They are bolstering their Nuvo Fusion lineup, going a little smaller to target those hobbyists who enjoy a Continue reading

EcoTech Marine Celebrates Radion XR15w Launch by Giving One Away

Radion XR15w Pro Giveaway

EcoTech Marine is generously giving away one of their brand new, just released Radion XR15w Pro LED fixtures to one lucky hobbyist in a Facebook promotional contest. To enter, all you have to do is click like, make a comment, Continue reading

Esquire’s Top 10 List of “World’s Coolest Aquariums” Fails to Impress on Many Fronts

Esquire 10 Coolest Aquariums

The internet is rife with lists. People just love them. Lists featuring the top ten of this or top five of that summarize their points in a very concise, easy to read format that people with short attention spans can Continue reading

Some Hands On with the AquaIllumination Hydra TwentySix

AquaIllumination Hydra TwentySix Contents

AquaIllumination unveiled its latest offering to the world, the Hydra TwentySix back in May at Interzoo 2014, and we’re super stoked to say that we’ve gotten our hands on one to play with. The TwentySix is a smaller version of Continue reading

EcoTech Marine Announces Radion XR15w Pro LED Fixture

EcoTech Marine XR15w Pro

We’ve been dying to make this announcement for almost three weeks now, and the cat is finally out of the bag. EcoTech MarineĀ is releasing their all new XR15w Pro, and as the lingo suggests, this version of the Radion is Continue reading