Mini Bubble King 180 Gets an “Extra Slim” Version

Mini Bubble King 180 Extra Slim

How do you improve on an already rock solid, arguably best performing line of protein skimmers on the market? Well, you’d make the aquarium hobbyist masses happy by taking that same product and making it more space friendly, without sacrificing Continue reading

Unique Frag Transport System from BAO Makes Traveling with Corals Super Easy

BAO Frag Transport System

Here is a nifty portable frag rack that should make trips to the local frag swaps a whole lot more convenient. Building An Obsession, an acrylic fabricator that has lots of sweet goodies, showed this off a little while back, Continue reading

Pacific Sun Offers Up Five New T5HO for the Fluorescent Crowd

Pacific Sun New T5HO Tube

Pacific Sun is debuting another new line of lighting equipment with their brand spanking new T5HO fluorescent tubes. Designed with their beefy LED/T5HO hybrid light fixtures in mind, these lamps are said to be available in five different color combos Continue reading