Hydra HD TwentySix & FiftyTwo Fixtures About to Hit Stores


Aqua Illumination, known for their premium quality and high tech design in LED lighting products, has announced that they will be releasing two new LED fixtures which will replace the Hydra TwentySix and Hydra  FiftyTwo models.  The replacement models will Continue reading

Reef Octopus Classic 152-S and 202-S Protein Skimmers Announcement


Reef Octopus has introduced two new in-sump “Classic” series protein skimmers.  Both new Classic models come standard with the Italian made, ultra efficient “Aquatrance” AC pumps. These pumps feature solid cast-acrylic construction with a compact footprint.  The CLSC-152S is rated for Continue reading

IceCap RODI System 101 Video: Installation and Setup


CoralVue has produced a simple and easy to understand video explaining everything you would want to know about the new IceCap Smart RODI system.  The Smart RODI system comes equipped with many unique features not found on other RODI systems. Continue reading