Freshwater Fish will Eat Seaweed and we can Prove it


Although the majority of the articles that appear on AquaNerd are saltwater related, we strive to be all-inclusive and give some love to our freshwater friends, as well. Herbivorous and Omnivorous fish, shrimp, and aquatic snails often enjoy vegetables  and Continue reading

With LRS Foods, Hand Feeding Fish is a Plausible Option [Video]

LRS Reef Frenzy

Admit it. You’ve tried (and failed) to feed your fish by hand more times than you would care to admit. Everyone does it at some point, but not every aquarist is successful in forming a special bond with their fish. Continue reading

Doc’s Eco Eggs is a New All Purpose Food Made from Fish Eggs

Doc's Eco Eggs

Doc’s Eco Eggs is a new all-purpose food from Doctor Ecosystems that has your fish, corals, and invertebrates square in its sights. Made from fish eggs, this almost gelatinous product quickly breaks apart in aquarium water into lots of individual, Continue reading

Review of the Nutra-Kol Aquarium Foods [Video]

Nutra KOl

“The Revolutionary New Red Algal Feed” Nutra-Kol USA is a up and rising company first based out of Australia that makes interesting and well thought out food supplements. The NutraPlus product line contains high levels of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and Continue reading

Comparing the Entire Line of Coral Frenzy Reef Foods

Coral Frenzy Coral Food

Coral Frenzy has released two brand new products over the last few months, tripling the size of their food lineup and allowing the company to target all sorts of corals for feeding. Their original Coral Frenzy was a powder-like food Continue reading