String of Prosecutions for Illegal Livestock Harvesting in Florida Tied to Single Investigation

Key Marine on Grassy Key

If you’ve been following the string of recent prosecutions and subsequent sentencing of operators of saltwater aquarium based businesses that we’ve been writing about, then you might be surprised to hear that many of those individuals are linked together as Continue reading

Vandals Strike Coral Reefs in Cebu, Philippines [Video]

Coral Vandalism

Sometimes there is just no explanation for people’s dumb actions. According to a recent story on the Philippine GMA Network, vandals have taken their love for grafiti to a whole new canvas…coral reefs. In Lapu-Lapu City, the Task Force Kalikasan Continue reading

The Amazing World of Microscopic Pond Life [Video]

Pond Bryozoa

Daniel Stoupin is determined to win the internet. He has already shown us how corals can make for some terrific subjects of time lapse photography, and his latest video shows how freshwater life can be just as interesting when displayed Continue reading

Ever Wonder Where Clams Come From?

Tahitian Maxima Clams

Have you even been curious about where your aquarium livestock comes from? Like a curious child asking those uncomfortable questions that usually end in stork related cliches, we’re always wanting to sneak a peak into the supply side of the Continue reading

Reef Suds Donates to the Coral Restoration Foundation

Reef Suds Soap

The Coral Restoration Foundation has been rockin’ and rollin’ in 2014, receiving generous donations from all sorts of organizations. Another company that’s making good on their promise to contribute is Reef Suds, the first reef safe soap product to be Continue reading

First Ever Fully Cultured Tridacna maxima Hits the Market

Acro Al Cultured Maxima Clam

Thanks to the extremely focused efforts of one individual, the world of Tridacnid clams has been completely changed. We’ve been following the work of one Australian “super aquarist” who goes by the name Acro Al. He has been breeding clams Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Stunning Acropora millepora

Acropora millepora Unique Corals

We know that tons of people use the phrase “the image doesn’t do this coral any justice”, and even though it’s a bit cliched, it’s a phrase we’ll rely heavily on for this coral. While touring Unique Corals, we spied Continue reading

Banggai Cardinalfish Being Considered for Addition to Endangered Species Act

Banggai Cardinalfish

According to a pair of articles by Ret Talbot, which were posted both to the Good Catch Blog and Reef to Rainforest, the banggai cardinalfish is the latest target of environmentalist groups who are seeking to add the fish and others to Continue reading

ORA Gets Out of the Fish Breeding Business to Focus on Fish Cookies

ORA Clownfish Cookies

Oceans Reefs and Aquariums had decided to take their company in an entirely different direction than what we’re used to. Recently announced on the ORA blog, the Florida-based aquaculture company is will cease all fish breeding activities and shift focus Continue reading