Featured Coral of the Week – 8/10/2015 Joe Knows Reefs

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Our featured coral(s) of the week – Echinophyllia sp Often Difficult to identify to the species level by most aquarists due to many similarities with other species in the echinophyllia genus Falls under the common term “chalice” (which means “cup”) Continue reading

Treating Fish Diseases in the Reef Aquarium

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One of the most frustrating situations you can find yourself in when dealing with your livestock is discovering that one of your beloved fish has developed a parasitic or bacterial infection. Often you have very little time to asses the illness Continue reading

Live Shark Cam (Lagoon View) | California Academy of Sciences

We haven’t had the pleasure of the California Academy of Sciences yet but the Groseclose family is planning a trip to California and Hawaii next year.  I hope to check out them out on our trek through California.  If you Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Checkerboard Wrasse

Checkerboard Wrasse

If you’re looking for a cool, semi-reef safe wrasse that would be a great pest hunter, then look no further than the checkerboard wrasse (Halichoeres hortulanus). This fish comes in a variety of colors depending on its natural habitat, with Continue reading