Radial Filefish (Acreichthys radiatus)

Radial Filefish (Acreichthys radiatus)

  The ORA Radial Filefish or Radial Leatherjacket is an exceptional example of adaptation, camouflage and perhaps symbiosis all wrapped up in one nice little package. Radial Filefish make their home amongst the pulsing xenia in the wild and as Continue reading

Tip Of The Day – Don’t Let Antibiotics Kill Your Good Bacteria!


Even the best kept aquarium will eventually have a sick fish. Pathogens are sneaky and can come from unexpected places, but typically unfiltered water or a new “friend” is to blame. The quick fix solution for most people it to run Continue reading

Top Ten (ish?) Most Expensive Marine Aquarium Fish

Neptune Grouper

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive and rarest of fish are in the marine aquarium trade are?  Well, AquaNerd has come up with a top ten list.  Our research included a review of some of the collectors who Continue reading