Picture of the Week, Clownfish and Anemone

Clownfish in Anemone

There was supposed to be a slow motion video associated with this post, but unfortunately, YouTube decided to automatically adjust the speed to a normal rate. Regardless, we can still talk about the intended subject, an anemone playing host to Continue reading

Captive Bred Lightning Maroon Clownfish Showing Up at Blue Zoo Aquatics

BZA Lightning Maroon Clownfish

We’ve seen a very limited release of the highly sought after captived bred Lightning Maroon Clownfish through channels like eBay, but with MACNA 2014, the clowns made their more widespread presence known. Sea & Reef Aquacultured showed off their array Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Green and Orange Fungia

Cherry Corals Green and Orange Plate Coral

Monday is back, and even though we’re already well into September, we wanted to take a quick stroll down memory lane with this image of a rather lovely plate coral from MACNA 2014. This amazing piece has alternating green and orange coloration Continue reading

US Fish and Wildlife Services in LA Warns Aquarium Companies that Importing 20 Coral Species is Illegal

Acropora lokani

UPDATE: The USFWS has acted in error and the corals can still be imported, business as usual. For more info, visit USFWS Errs but Aquarium Trade Still Spooked. Back in August, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) branch of the Continue reading

Mutant White Yellow Tang Shows Up at Pacific Island Aquatics

White Yellow Tang

Here’s a totally awesome fish. Pacific Island Aquatics recently showed off this amazing aberrant yellow tang, which sports a large amount of white coloration instead of the normal solid yellow we’re so accustomed to. According to information posted on Reef2Reef, the fish Continue reading