Cherry Corals to Giveaway Awesome Colorado Sunburst Anemone at RAP

Cherry Corals Colorado Sunburst

Have we told you how much we love free stuff? Well, the crew at Cherry Corals is giving away something awesome at Reef-A-Palooza this year, and we are really excited to be sharing it. They announced via Reef2Reef that they Continue reading

Captive Bred Genicanthus personatus for sale at Gonzo Corals

Gonzo Corals Personatus

The big news out of MACNA this years was the announcement of the captive bred masked angelfish, Genicanthus personatus. It was a truly momentous event for the aquarium hobby, and just a couple of months removed from the show we’ve got Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Pico Reef

Pico Reef

Who says you need a big aquarium in order to have a thriving reef tank? It is frequently said that you need a large aquarium in order to keep a captive reef with any long-term success. While a large tank Continue reading

Sea & Reef Debut Their New Wide Bar Mocha Gladiator Clownfish

Sea & Reef Wide Bar Mocha Gladiator Clownfish

The crew at Sea & Reef have a new clownfish that they are showing off today, and it’s a bit different from the usual offering of captive bred Amphiprions. Instead of sporting some insane splotch or broken pattern, these new Continue reading

Aquarium in Albuquerque Kills 100 Fish with Attempted Parasite Treatment

Fish Killed During Treatment

Here’s a heartbreaking story. Aquarists at the BioPark Aquarium in Albuquerque, New Mexico were attempting to treat the fish in their Atlantic Coral Reef Tank exhibit for a bad trematode infestation, but a total disaster occurred instead. After many failed Continue reading

Stunning Squomosa x Crocea Hybrid Clam Shows Up at Saltcritters

Cultured Tridacna Squomosa Crocea Hybrid Clam

We consider ourselves to be clam connoisseurs of sorts, though we probably act more like junkies anytime a clam is presented. Normally, we can control ourselves to an extent, but today’s offering from Saltcritters is sending our clam addiction into Continue reading