Bristleworms For Sale on eBay…And They’re Actually Selling

Bristleworms On eBay

The world of online auction sites like eBay allows anyone, anywhere, to buy just about anything. Sometimes you can find incredibly useful items, products that complete a collection, or just some random and weird stuff from sellers looking to make Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Rainbow Plate Coral from MACNA 2013

Frag Junky Rainbow Plate Coral MACNA

Seeing as how MACNA 2014 is going down this weekend in Denver, we are spending the whole week celebrating the event. As part of that celebration, this week’s AquaNerd Picture of the Week is a mind-blowing rainbow plate coral from Continue reading

Bobbit Worms are Gruesomely Awesome

Bobbit Worm

When you think of sea creatures that instantly strike terror in the hearts of everyone, you generally think of ferocious sharks or giant man-eating squid. While those are rarely, if ever, encountered, this bottom dwelling worm is far more common Continue reading

Jawdropping Hawaiian Yellow Anthias Surfaces at Pacific Island Aquatics

Hawaiian Yellow Anthias

What better way to celebrate a Friday than to show off images of one of the rarest and most beautiful of the Hawaiian endemics, the Yellow Anthias (Holanthias fuscipennis). This amazing anthias species is found at extreme depths, which usually Continue reading