Picture of the Week, Red Carpet Anemone at MACNA 2014

Red Carpet Anemone MACNA 2014

We loved this image of a bight red Haddoni carpet anemone from MACNA 2014 so much, we just had to share it twice. We originally showed off this photo on our Facebook page, but since this is one of the Continue reading

Sea & Reef Aquaculture Shows Off Plethora of Captive Bred Lighting Maroon Clownfish

Sea & Reef Lighting Maroon Clown

In other clownfish news, Sea & Reef Aquaculture showed off their big ol’ offering of designer clowns, and if you’ll noticed swimming among the bunch is the Lightning Maroon Clownfish. That’s right, those gorgeous little lightning clowns are finally making Continue reading

Captive Bred Masked Angelfish Announced at MACNA

Female Masked Angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) - Waikiki Aquarium

No words to speak. We dropped our jaws, and so will you. WATCH THIS VIDEO! With the help of Larry’s Reef Food, Karen Brittain has been able to breed the masked angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) in captivity. We can’t find the Continue reading

The Nebula Clownfish is a Designer Clown We Can Get On Board With

Bali Aquarich Nebula Clownfish

Bali Aquarich is well known for their trailblazing efforts in the realm of marine ornamental aquaculture, having brought the world its first ever captive-bred clarion angelfish, numerous other world’s firsts, and plenty of more common species. Like most breeders, clownfish Continue reading

Bristleworms For Sale on eBay…And They’re Actually Selling

Bristleworms On eBay

The world of online auction sites like eBay allows anyone, anywhere, to buy just about anything. Sometimes you can find incredibly useful items, products that complete a collection, or just some random and weird stuff from sellers looking to make Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Rainbow Plate Coral from MACNA 2013

Frag Junky Rainbow Plate Coral MACNA

Seeing as how MACNA 2014 is going down this weekend in Denver, we are spending the whole week celebrating the event. As part of that celebration, this week’s AquaNerd Picture of the Week is a mind-blowing rainbow plate coral from Continue reading

Bobbit Worms are Gruesomely Awesome

Bobbit Worm

When you think of sea creatures that instantly strike terror in the hearts of everyone, you generally think of ferocious sharks or giant man-eating squid. While those are rarely, if ever, encountered, this bottom dwelling worm is far more common Continue reading