Picture of the Week, Gold Spotted Rabbitfish

Gold Spotted Rabbitfish

Gracing the AquaNerd Picture of the Week following a busy Easter weekend is a fish that couldn’t fit the holiday any better. It’s a gold spotted rabbitfish,¬†Siganus¬†punctuates, and it’s the biggest one we’ve ever laid eyes on. This species is Continue reading

The Amazing World of Microscopic Pond Life [Video]

Pond Bryozoa

Daniel Stoupin is determined to win the internet. He has already shown us how corals can make for some terrific subjects of time lapse photography, and his latest video shows how freshwater life can be just as interesting when displayed Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Stunning Acropora millepora

Acropora millepora Unique Corals

We know that tons of people use the phrase “the image doesn’t do this coral any justice”, and even though it’s a bit cliched, it’s a phrase we’ll rely heavily on for this coral. While touring Unique Corals, we spied Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Grafted Scolymia Coral

Grafted Scolymia Unique Corals

Coral grafting isn’t exactly a new trend in the reef keeping hobby, but for the most part is has been limited to corals of the genera Acropora and Montipora, with the latter seeing the most success. Pioneering hobbyists weren’t satisfied Continue reading

Super High Res Time Lapse Coral Footage Leaves Us Speechless

Slow Life Coral Video

We love time lapse videos of corals doing what they do, but this has to be the best one ever made. According to the story that was originally shared on Advanced Aquarist, photographer Daniel Stoupin took over 150000 macro photos Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Cirrhilabrus earlei

Cirrhilabrus earlei at SDC

I got the chance to hit the aquarium nerd hat trick this weekend. I went to a public aquarium, an aquarium livestock wholesaler, and a retail store…all in the same day. During this amazing journey, I happened across several amazing Continue reading