Transparency in the Larval Stage of Fish


  There are three main methods of camouflage predominate in marine animals: transparency, reflection, and counter-illumination.  Transparency and reflection are most commonly observed above 100 meters in the ocean.  Counter-illumination is the common method of camouflage in 100 to 1000 meter ocean depths.  Beyond 1000 meters camouflage Continue reading

Jellyfish Art Aquarium, it’s Easy to Setup


In this post, we will continue our series on the new Jellyfish Art 2 gallon nano cylinder aquarium. Now that we have unboxed the unit, we have begun the process of setting up the aquarium. Yesterday we ordered our Jellyfish Continue reading

The ACE 170 AIMBioSys System From Cayuga Aquatics


Aquarium maintenance companies are often asked to set up up a fully functional reef aquarium as quickly as possible. You know, just like they do on those reality TV shows. Well, entertaining TV aside, that’s not how it works in Continue reading

Ocean Swipe 360 Automated Aquarium Glass cleaner Cleans All Walls


As experienced aquarists know, one of the biggest problems encountered in this hobby is the amount of time required to maintain an aquarium in pristine condition.  We all start off with the best intentions but over time, some of us procrastinate Continue reading

Vertex Aquaristik I-Supra C+ Trailer


The Vertex Aquaristik I-Supra C+ filter video trailer.  There are two models to choose from.  One option includes the popular Vertex Omega 180i while the other model includes the Omega 200i protein skimmer.  Both options have an optional upgrade for Continue reading

Radial Filefish (Acreichthys radiatus)

Radial Filefish (Acreichthys radiatus)

  The ORA Radial Filefish or Radial Leatherjacket is an exceptional example of adaptation, camouflage and perhaps symbiosis all wrapped up in one nice little package. Radial Filefish make their home amongst the pulsing xenia in the wild and as Continue reading

IceCap RODI System 101 Video: Installation and Setup


CoralVue has produced a simple and easy to understand video explaining everything you would want to know about the new IceCap Smart RODI system.  The Smart RODI system comes equipped with many unique features not found on other RODI systems. Continue reading

New From Innovative Marine, FUSION Lagoon Series


Innovative Marine has been hard at work developing a new aquarium series called Fusion Lagoon. The beautifully produced video above will give you an inside look at what you can expect from this new line. AquaNerd has learned the Fusion Lagoon Continue reading