Bobbit Worms are Gruesomely Awesome

Bobbit Worm

When you think of sea creatures that instantly strike terror in the hearts of everyone, you generally think of ferocious sharks or giant man-eating squid. While those are rarely, if ever, encountered, this bottom dwelling worm is far more common Continue reading

With LRS Foods, Hand Feeding Fish is a Plausible Option [Video]

LRS Reef Frenzy

Admit it. You’ve tried (and failed) to feed your fish by hand more times than you would care to admit. Everyone does it at some point, but not every aquarist is successful in forming a special bond with their fish. Continue reading

Riptide Gyre Generator Seen in a Reef Tank Setting

Riptide Gyre Generator Reef

The new Riptide Gyre Generator from Maxspect is waking serious waves in the aquarium community. This exciting new product is simple in both function and design, and it looks to seriously change the way we circulate water in our aquariums. Continue reading

Maxspect Riptide Demoed on Video from Interzoo

Maxspect Riptide Gyre Generator

We’ve already made mention of the interesting new Riptide Gyre Generator that is on the way from Maxspect, but given its unique design and flow patterns, we figured this video shot at Interzoo would help visualize just how different and Continue reading

Video Shows Vertex Cerebra Playing Angry Birds

Angry Birds on Vertex Cerebra

This video really plays to our nerdy side. The Vertex Cerebra, an aquarium controller that has been in the works for a few years, is a system based on Google’s Android platform and it’s one that is full of potential. Continue reading

Big Fish Farting in Tiny Aquarium is Every Bit As Funny As it Sounds

Fish Farts in Aquarium

To paraphrase the wise words of Bobby Budnick, a character from the long cancelled “Salute Your Shorts” television show that aired onĀ Nickelodeon, don’t go into the water because fish fart in it. I knew there was a legitimate reason to Continue reading

“6″ is a New Movie Exposing Illegal Wildlife Trafficking and Mass Extinction

6 the Movie

The production team that filmedĀ “The Cove”, a popular documentary that brought to light the extreme dolphin slaughtering in Japan, is back with a brand new movie that will focus on the larger issues of illegal wildlife trafficking and the possibility Continue reading