New From Innovative Marine, FUSION Lagoon Series


Innovative Marine has been hard at work developing a new aquarium series called Fusion Lagoon. The beautifully produced video above will give you an inside look at what you can expect from this new line. AquaNerd has learned the Fusion Lagoon Continue reading

Nurse Sharks, Spiny Lobsters, Moray Eels…Oh My!

Nurse Shark, San Pedro Belize

While on a recent dive trip off the  coast of San Pedro, Belize, I was able to get up close and personal with some beautiful creatures!  For the above Nurse Shark video, I used the red filter on my GoPro Hero Continue reading

The Greatest White, is this the Biggest Shark Ever Filmed?


A marine research group is calling it “the biggest shark ever filmed”.  The great white shark is estimated by the conservation group Pelagios Kakunja to be 20 feet long and 50 years old.  The researchers are calling her Deep Blue. Continue reading

The IceCap Gyre Interface is Shipping Now

IceCap Gyre Interface

IceCap recently announced a new controller interface designed to work with the Maxspect Gyre series pumps.  Both MaxSpect and Gyre products are distributed through CoralVue in the US and the IceCap is owned by CoralVue.  The IceCap Gyre Interface Module Continue reading

Freshwater Fish will Eat Seaweed and we can Prove it


Although the majority of the articles that appear on AquaNerd are saltwater related, we strive to be all-inclusive and give some love to our freshwater friends, as well. Herbivorous and Omnivorous fish, shrimp, and aquatic snails often enjoy vegetables  and Continue reading