The Amazing World of Microscopic Pond Life [Video]

Pond Bryozoa

Daniel Stoupin is determined to win the internet. He has already shown us how corals can make for some terrific subjects of time lapse photography, and his latest video shows how freshwater life can be just as interesting when displayed Continue reading

ATM UK Tries Hard to Sell Their Instant Aquarium Cycle Snake Oil

Colony from Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

We’ve gotten into a habit of being a thorn in the sides of the “Tanked” guys, and with the recently published video above, there’s a good chance we’ll stay that way. The UK branch of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing has what Continue reading

Super High Res Time Lapse Coral Footage Leaves Us Speechless

Slow Life Coral Video

We love time lapse videos of corals doing what they do, but this has to be the best one ever made. According to the story that was originally shared on Advanced Aquarist, photographer Daniel Stoupin took over 150000 macro photos Continue reading

Hypnotic Dance of the Sexy Shrimp [Video]

Sexy Shrimp

Sexy shrimp are some of the most alluring invertebrates of the marine aquarium hobby. Despite their minuscule size, they move in such a way that almost hypnotizes aquarists, so much so that hobbyists dedicate whole tanks to just these shrimp Continue reading

Aquarium Documentary Looks to Shed Light on Positives of the Hobby

The Aquarium Life

The aquarium hobby is about to get a big share of the spotlight with a new documentary in the works by aquarist turned filmmaker, Thomas Brown, of ThomasVisionReef, Inc. Already gaining huge popularity in the hobby for his coverage of Continue reading

Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade Video Review

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 2.11.51 PM

Continuum Aquatics AquaBlades surely look to be another hit by Jack Kent. His past success has brought him to his new company Continuum Aquatics, and he has been creating efficient and sharp looking products. The AquaBlade cleans aquariums even more Continue reading

ReefLink iOS App Demoed in Instructional Video

EcoTech Marine iOS App Demo

If you are a smartphone user who is also utilizing EcoTech Marine hardware to illuminate your aquarium, then by now you should be aware that the EcoSmart Live software has fully invaded both the iPhone and Android systems with some Continue reading

Stunning Time Lapse Video Shows the new Coral Frenzy LPS Pellet Food in Action

Coral Frenzy LPS Pellet Video

Back in December, it was announced that the popular coral food, Coral Frenzy, was going to be offered in a pelletized form. Being fans of both the powdered version of Coral Frenzy and pellet foods in general, we knew this Continue reading