Captive Bred Masked Angelfish Announced at MACNA

Female Masked Angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) - Waikiki Aquarium

No words to speak. We dropped our jaws, and so will you. WATCH THIS VIDEO! With the help of Larry’s Reef Food, Karen Brittain has been able to breed the masked angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) in captivity. We can’t find the Continue reading

D-D Aquarium Solutions Issues Statement Regarding New Giesemann Powerchrome Lamps

Giesemann New T5HO LampsGiesemann New T5HO Lamps

About a week ago, we helped announce Giesemann’s new line of Powerchrome T5HO tubes thinking it was a simple refresher to the uber popular line of D-D Giesemann Powerchrome T5HO tubes that have been around for ages. Unfortunately, there has Continue reading

More to the Underwater “Attack” as Sea Shepherd Simultaneously Launches Operation Reef Defense

Sea Shepherd Operation Reef Defense

A couple of days ago, we wrote about an underwater altercation in which Rene Umberger, a staunch anti-aquarium activist, reportedly filmed herself being attacked by an aquarium collector. As the story was told, she was there to monitor and video Continue reading