Picture of the Week, Tridacna derasa Clam

Tridacna Derasa Kemah Aquarium

While this isn’t the greatest image that we have ever posted in our weekly installment of the AquaNerd Picture of the Week, we picked it for one very specific reason…check out that clam on the left. Do you see it? There Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Mixed Coral Reef at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Mixed Reef Aquarium

So much awesomeness captured in one picture. Above, we find ourselves gazing at one of the mature reef setups at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and it’s full of every type of coral imaginable. We see SPS, LPS, and Softies…the big Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Clarkii Clownfish with Anemone

Clarkii Clownfish with BTA

Rocking the AquaNerd Picture of the Week this go-around is the lovely symbiosis that all marine aquarists can recognize. It highlights the relationship between a clownfish and an anemone, which has become a staple in the hobby. The picture focuses Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Walking Dendro Garden

Walking Dendro Heteropsammia cochlea

We found this cool image while digging through our archives, and it’s a garden of walking dendro corals (Heteropsammia cochlea) from the Aquarium of the Pacific. As their name implies, these members of the family Dendrophylliidae have an unusual form Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Green and Orange Chalice

Green Striped Chalice

We’re using this Picture of the Week to do a little bragging on ourselves. Over the weekend, our friends at FJW Aquarium held themselves a huge anniversary sale. To help celebrate their achievement, we were in attendance, and of course Continue reading