Picture of the Week, Awesome Maxima Clam

Blue Seas Aquariums Maxima Clam

We don’t often use other people’s photos for our Picture of the Week, opting for the opportunity to show off some of our own collection, but we couldn’t resist sharing this amazing clam. This Tridacna maxima from Blue Seas Aquariums Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Glowing Zoanthid Colony

Reef Currents Corals

We don’t know what they’re called, and frankly, we don’t care what they’re called. These are some amazing zoanthids, regardless of their given trade name, and their colors are popping right out of the screen. We spied this awesome colony Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Huge Acanthophyllia

Huge Acanthophyllia Unique Corals

We love LPS corals, especially huge, fluffy, wildly colored ones. That’s why we’re featuring this sexy Acanthophyllia for our Pic of the Week, which sports some awesome maroon, orange, and green coloration arranged in vertical striations. What we love about Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Rock Flower Anemones

Rock Flower Anemone Reef Currents

Here’s a pretty treat to help you get through this already long Monday. It’s a trio of┬árock flower anemones (Epicystis crucifer), and dang they look good. These lovely anemones are Caribbean natives, and even though they don’t play nice with Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Tahitian Maxima Clam

Tahitian Maxima Clam

Pictured in this round of the AquaNerd POTW is an awesome little Tahitian Tridacna maxima clam, which we spotted at FJW Aquarium here in the Houston area. This lovely clam sports a rich black and blue mantle, with the patten Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Pico Reef

Pico Reef

Who says you need a big aquarium in order to have a thriving reef tank? It is frequently said that you need a large aquarium in order to keep a captive reef with any long-term success. While a large tank Continue reading