Picture of the Week, Space Invader Pectinia

Space Invader Pectinia Unique Corals

Have you ever seen a more wondrous sight? This beautiful Space Invaders Pectinia is simply stunning, and we’ve never seen a finer specimen. The coral is in perfect health, exhibiting rich and vibrant colors, showing no signs of dead spots, and, Continue reading

Tropicorium Owner Sentenced for Trafficking Marine Life


We’ve been covering the legal woes of Tropicorium owner Richard Perrin rather extensively, and we might finally have come to a close on his story. As you probably recall, Perrin and an associate were arrested and found guilty of illegally Continue reading

ATM UK Tries Hard to Sell Their Instant Aquarium Cycle Snake Oil

Colony from Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

We’ve gotten into a habit of being a thorn in the sides of the “Tanked” guys, and with the recently published video above, there’s a good chance we’ll stay that way. The UK branch of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing has what Continue reading

Nualgi, Snake Oil or Legitimate Means to Control Nuisance Algae?


If you’re at all connected with the aquarium community that thrives on social media networks, primarily speaking of Facebook of course, then chances are you have heard about Nualgi. Claiming to be an inorganic chemical (silica and micronutrient mix) that Continue reading

Believe it or not, STD’s in the ocean

With the finger often pointing towards aquarium keepers destroying the reefs, people tend to look past some of the natural problems these fragile ecosystems face. Yes, we do agree there are people out there that could care less if they Continue reading

Tip of the Day – 2/12/2011

Contrary to popular belief, not all pH calibration fluids are the same.  When purchasing pH calibration fluid, try to stick to major brand names such as Pinpoint, Hanna, and Milwaukee.  A comparison done by Randy Holmes-Farley showed a huge discrepancy Continue reading