Aquatic Experience Convention – Full Coverage

Aquatic Experience Chicago

Aquatic Experience is a saltwater and freshwater aquarium convention in Chicago. In its second year it grew and was a huge success. Here are some statistics mentioned about it: “The World Pet Association (WPA) is thrilled to announce more than Continue reading

Review of the BRS Pukani Dry Eco Aquarium Live Rock

We recently received a sizable order of Pukani Dry Eco Aquarium Live Rock from Bulk Reef Supply and wanted to share our impressions and subsequent aquascaping. But before we show off the rock and tell you why we like it, Continue reading

Local Fish Stores vs Online Retailers

Most aquarium hobbyists have their preference as to where they purchase livestock. Some have a favorite local fish store (LFS) they frequent, while others venture into the online world and browse from thousands of different stores. Regardless of your personal Continue reading

Vendor Review: Aquarium Specialty

Aquarium Specialty ( is one of my personal favorite online retailers and I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience with them on every single order placed. My relationship with them began much like many of you would start a relationship with Continue reading