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  • Ron

    hi guys i watch your tv shows and i like watching them iv allways been into animals and was wondering about setting up my own aquarium as a local business just wondering if you had some input on how to get that going

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  • georg

    Hello you have a nice and interresting and amazing Aquarium Blog.
    I have a little Blog to in my home town Ingolstadt in Germany, sorry
    it is not in english so i hope you can read it to. ;-)

    A little Blog about succes breeding albino bristenless catfish and the realy fast
    growing of L1 Catfish, in 6 month grow up to 7,5 Inches, in 2 years he will grow
    up to 12 inches, in 4 years he will be adult with 18 – 19 inches. One adult i have
    for a Long time and ist unique how fast the new little L1 catfish grows.

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  • joe marchese

    I am interested in buying a blue squamosal that you have displayed. please advise
    how to purchase and get information, do you have a phone number to get the
    details I would like

  • AquaticEnvy

    Great website guys! I enjoy checking on Facebook and Youtube!