Picture of the Week, Green and Orange Fungia

Cherry Corals Green and Orange Plate Coral

Monday is back, and even though we’re already well into September, we wanted to take a quick stroll down memory lane with this image of a rather lovely┬áplate coral from┬áMACNA 2014. This amazing piece has alternating green and orange coloration Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Pink and Green Frogspawn

Pink and Green Frogspawn

For this week’s AquaNerd Picture of the Week, we’re revisiting the corals in our friend Daniel Leija’s aquarium. We’ve already looked at some of his amazing chalices, but now we turn to a far more common, yet none less appealing Continue reading

Picture of the Week, Pink and Teal Trachyphyllia

Pink and Teal Trachyphyllia Coral

The subject of our latest AquaNerd Picture of the Week isn’t a particularly rare one, but it certainly is beautiful enough to garner some attention. The coral is of the Trachyphyllia variety, a coral that has a large calcium skeleton Continue reading