Chocolate Tang Found and Removed from Florida Waters

Chocolate Tang - Waikiki Aquarium

Here’s a new report of yet another non-native marine fish showing up in Florida, though we highly doubt this one will reach the epic invasive levels of the lionfish. According to a recent article by Ret Talbot, divers for the Continue reading

Feds Charge Two Men for Illegally Collecting Marine Life in Florida Sanctuary

Fish Heads Real Reef Live Rock

Here’s a story that is sure to cast some negative light on the aquarium hobby. According to the Miami Herald, two men are being charged for illegally collecting and selling (also illegal) wildlife that was taken from a marine sanctuary Continue reading

After Serving Time for Illegal Wildlife Trafficking, Ammon Covino Wants to Join the Austin Aquarium

Ammon Covino Idaho Aquarium

Ammon Covino, the co-founder of the Portland Aquarium and director of the Idaho Aquarium who was successfully prosecuted for his involvement in the illegal trading of marine animals, is back in the news for, you guessed it, his involvement with yet another Continue reading

AIMS Opens National Sea Simulator

AIMS National Sea Simulator

The Australian Institute of Marine Science, or AIMS for short, has been a crucial force in the world of coral research and species identification. They specialize in the Great Barrier Reef, as well as a couple of other areas, and Continue reading

US Fish and Wildlife Services in LA Warns Aquarium Companies that Importing 20 Coral Species is Illegal

Acropora lokani

UPDATE: The USFWS has acted in error and the corals can still be imported, business as usual. For more info, visit USFWS Errs but Aquarium Trade Still Spooked. Back in August, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) branch of the Continue reading

Percula Clownfish May Land on the Endangered Species List

Percula Clownfish

A big pile of something is about to hit a giant fan somewhere, and there is absolutely nothing you or I can do about it. Way back in 2012, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) filed a petition with the National Continue reading

Reef Fish Seen Swarming in Hawaii [Video]

Swarming Reef Fish Hawaii

With the entirety of the aquarium trade forever under the judgmental microscope of anti-aquarium activists, it’s wonderful when good news surfaces out of Hawaii, the epicenter of the on-going debate. In this video from Hawaii News Now, which features footage Continue reading

Florida to Ban All Pterois Lionfish Imports Beginning August 1st

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish

We keep harping on the lionfish invasion of the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and pretty much all waters surrounding Florida because it is a serious, ongoing issue with seemingly no end in sight. Despite the best efforts of scientists to Continue reading